Mark your calendars for the 2024 Bahamas Rendezvous

Mark your calendars for the 2024 Bahamas Rendezvous!
April 23rd – May 1st 2024

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April 23rd & 24th

Old Bahama Bay

April 24th – 27th

Marsh Harbour

April 27th – 30th

Harbor Island

May 1st



April 23: Arrive in Old Bahama Bay Resort in West End
– North Group to depart from Stuart
– South Group to depart from Ft. Lauderdale

➔ Welcome Dinner

April 24: Depart West End and Cruise to Marsh Harbour / Abaco Beach Resort & Marina

➔ Get checked in, then it’s time to relax and enjoy the resort!

➔ Italian Night– Docktails & Dinner Family Style!

Wear white attire and bring your favorite Italian dish for an Italian-style potluck on the Docks. (We will be taking a group photo, please wear white!)

April 25: Day trip to Nipper’s & Grabber’s

➔ Group Outing!

Bring your towels, and snorkel gear. Get ready for some fun!

Dinner On Your Own

April 26: Your Day, Your Way!

The options are endless!

➔ Manjack Beach

➔ Island Hop with the Group

➔ Explore Hope Town

➔ Fishing Charters are available

Whatever you would like to do, we will help guide you to your destinations.

➔ Dinner As A Group: It’s Time To Celebrate & Say Goodbye To The Abacos!

Join Us On the Beach, at Abaco Beach Resort for Dinner, Music and so much more!

April 27: Depart Marsh Harbour & Cruise to Harbour Island / Romora Bay

➔ Drinks Are on Carvey this Afternoon! Join the Palm Beach Gang for some sips poolside!

➔ Dinner at Leisure

April 28: Lay Day – Enjoy some R&R!

➔ Want to try your hand at some of Harbour Island’s infamous Bone fishing, Spearfishing, or Bottom fishing?

➔ Want to explore the island all day?

➔ Does a spa day sound like that’s what is in order?

Let us know and we will assist in making arrangements!

Optional late-night cocktails at Gusty’s.

April 29: Our Final Day in Harbour Island!

Dinner As a Group

It’s time for a special evening with great company, amazing food, beautiful scenery, and an awesome bonfire!

April 30: Depart Harbour Island & Cruise to Bimini

➔ Dock party & boat hop in Bimini… sip and snack with the crew as we jump from boat to boat!

May 1: Cruise Home


North Group will depart from Stuart, FL
Led by Mark Richards
South Group will depart from Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Led by Carvey Iannuzzi


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Click 2 Clear is an online platform used by The Bahamas Customs Department for online customs processing. All pleasure vessels will be entered and paid for using the Cruising Permit Module within the Click2Clear system.

For step-by-step instructions on requesting your cruising permit, please click the link below:


  • There are no longer any COVID-related testing requirements to enter the Bahamas
  • You will need a yellow quarantine flag to fly when we get to Spanish Cay
  • We don’t need to clear out of Bahamas when we leave and head back to USA
  • If you don’t have the Customs & Border App on your phone, get it ASAP. It makes clearing into Customs a breeze. No visit to customs office, just a FaceTime call and you’re clear to return.


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(616) 889-7766

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