Our Values

Palm Beach is driven by three core values that have aligned us as a team and enabled us to reach peak performance in design, production and customer service.


Every boat we build is slightly different.

Why? Because no two customers are the same. For that simple reason, our design and manufacturing schedule is staged to ensure our clients have maximum input into the process.

The end result is a craft that perfectly matches their individual taste and lifestyle requirements and becomes a very personal statement about how they choose to enjoy their time on the water. This attunement to their needs does not end when the boat is commissioned. Our after sales service is second to none.

Owners are like family to us and we go to great lengths to ensure that every Palm Beach motor yacht remains in perfect condition.


We’re fanatics and we’re not ashamed of it!

Our philosophy is that ‘Good is the enemy of great’ and so, as engineers and craftsmen, we are always striving to reach perfection.

As team players, we are extremely demanding and push one another to raise the bar and exceed even our own expectations. You’ll appreciate this dedication to quality as soon as you step on board.

It’s clearly evident in the ergonomics and efficiency of the design, it’s obvious in the precision of our craftsmanship, you’ll feel it in the textures of our fabrics and on the flawless surfaces of our mirror-polished teak.

You too will be proud of our work!


In the spirit of every challenge being an opportunity, we have a restless determination to find new and better ways of designing and building our yachts.

Since the foundation of our company, innovation has been the lifeblood of our business as we seek to re-imagine the fine traditions of motor yachting and contemporise them with state-of-the-art materials, technology and production techniques. To that end, we are committed to constant evolution and improvement.

You’ll see this in every aspect of our manufacturing process – from such critical decisions as the placement of an engine mounting to the design of a hinge on a galley cabinet.

If there’s a better way of doing it, we’ll find it.