Palm Beach Performance

Palm Beach has long been known for our hydrodynamic expertise, resulting in yachts with advantageous performance, efficiency and cruising speeds. We’ve honed this incredible performance over the decades with particular concentration on the following key factors:


No other yacht on the water maximizes hull efficiency as expertly as Palm Beach. Our hulls are precisely crafted with a fine point of entry that carves through the waves with smoothness and ease. This narrow entry shifts the center of gravity closer to the center of the yacht–right where it should be for perfect trim. Whether running down sea, into the sea or across seas, our hulls track like sports cars.


Palm Beach’s monocoque construction bonds all bulkheads and interior furniture directly to the hull and deck so that both are structural components of the yacht. Although this build method is time-consuming, the benefits pay dividends. The excellent power-to-weight ratio maximizes cruising efficiency, balance and stiffness, while eliminating squeaks, flexing and grinding.


Perhaps the single most important key to onboard comfort is stability. Most yachts rock back and forth while idling or at rest, but a Palm Beach maintains a steady balance. Our hulls feature an exceedingly low center of gravity, and while most yachts have a round bilge, Palm Beach yachts boast a more sophisticated build with only 6 degrees of deadrise. The result is rock-solid stability.


A shallow draft is crucial to Palm Beach’s get-up-and-go performance. At rest, the waterline to the bottom of the hull is only 12 inches, which is less than a third of the depth of most yachts. The result? Less weight in the back that allows for effortless planing and cruising with less horsepower, and no rolling waves behind the yacht. In very rough seas, the shallow draft allows our yachts to cleanly and efficiently go over waves that have been parted by the fine entry forward and managed by the mid-section warp. You’ll experience a whole new level of confidence in offshore cruising.


Palm Beach yachts boast remarkable visibility. Our yachts’ single-level layout means you can see nearly every part of the yacht from anywhere onboard (excluding, of course, the flybridge, which rises above the main level). Designed with full walk-around sides and power windows, your views of nature are clear and bright.


Quiet operation, superior maneuverability, minimal noise and vibration, incredible cruising speeds, and maximized fuel economy come standard on every Palm Beach yacht.

Enjoy ease of handling through electronic gear selection and optional bow/stern thrusters, and reliable propulsion with an industry-leading 5-year standard warranty, courtesy of our trusted marine engine partners: Volvo Marine engines and Seatorque enclosed shaft systems. Choose your preferred drive system—steerable pods directed by joystick control, or an enclosed, self-contained shaft-and-thrust bearing system—and revel in a degree of performance you can’t find in any other yacht of this caliber.


Designed to meet the most demanding benchmarks for offshore performance, your Palm Beach can take on any navigational conditions with ease. A CE Category A rating is the most stringent performance classification for offshore vessels. Yachts in this category are largely self-sufficient and designed for extended voyages in winds of over 40 knots and waves greater than 13 feet. Palm Beach construction standards don’t merely qualify for Category A—they easily surpass it.

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