Welcoming the Palm Beach 70, Palm Beach Motor Yachts’ newest flagship to the family line. Cruising Odyssey editor and boating fanatic Peter Janssen gives us the lowdown on the PB70’s performance, efficiency and sleek appeal.

Why did we build the PB70? CEO and founder of Palm Beach Motor Yachts, Mark Richards tells us why;

The Palm Beach 70 was born from customer demand – they wanted a larger Palm Beach Motor Yacht. We had to build the yacht we ourselves wanted too, which can stand on her own to meet the high standards of performance, hull efficiency, and aesthetics.”

The Palm Beach 70 builds on the stunning PB65, as with all Palm Beaches our efficient warped hull design slices through the water, rather than wasting usable energy to get above it.

As Janssen describes (it has) “..the same beautiful lines as the 65, but with more room inside. It also has the signature Palm Beach warped hull, which cuts through the water so efficiently that it leaves almost no wake behind.”

With years of boatbuilding and sailing racing experience behind him, Richards oversees every finicky detail in the factory, from large tasks such as hull moulding to the smaller details of teak joinery. All aspects of design and construction are carried out with high attention to detail, ensuring Palm Beach Motor Yachts deliver the top-of-the-range motor yachts they’re renowned for. Janssen elaborates;

“One of the world’s best racing sailors, Richards has won the gruelling Sydney-Hobart race a record nine times, and he uses his racing experience to build strong, lightweight, high-tech hulls that are fast and seaworthy. He also keeps the CG low so the boats give a comfortable and safe ride.”

Read all you need to know about Palm Beach Motor Yachts’ exciting new release, the big and beautiful Palm Beach 70.

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