Coming up on the 23rd to 27th of January, Palm Beach owners and representatives will be cruising in the Florida Keys and the Dry Tortugas. Every year Palm Beach owners gather for a relaxing, fun-filled rendezvous. This year there are 8 proud Palm Beach owners attending, along with Palm Beach representatives and 2 company-owned yachts. Attendees enjoy a luxury getaway comprised of various social events, sunset cocktails and recreational activities.

Kicking off the trip on Wednesday, owners will have the option of an overnight stay at the prestigious Ocean Reef Club, where they will enjoy cocktails along the docks and an evening meal. The official rendezvous commences on Thursday following through to Sunday, on Thursday attendees will make their journey to Key West, welcomed with sunset cocktails at the Perry Hotel, followed by an evening meal nearby. Activities for the coming days include deep sea fishing, snorkelling in the Dry Tortugas and evening social soirees, compliments of Palm Beach Motor Yachts.

If you’re a proud owner of a Palm Beach Yacht stay tuned to our events page for upcoming Palm Beach Owner Rendezvous, where you too can enjoy a fun-filled weekend sharing, tips, tricks and stories aboard your Palm Beach Yacht.