The 2018 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show was the biggest in years, and Palm Beach rose to the occasion. We proudly displayed four of our yachts, CEO Mark Richards gave the keynote speech at the show’s official breakfast opening, and we collaborated with Calleija Jewellers to launch their new Palm Beach 65, Clarity, on Saturday night.

The crew brought our three show yachts—a Palm Beach 65 Sedan, a Palm Beach 65 Flybridge and a Palm Beach 42—up the coast from Sydney, spotting several whales along the way, including one very rare white whale. The yachts were a hit, with plenty of interest from the crowd of show attendees, despite the less-than-stellar weather. Several customers ordered new yachts, with a couple transitioning from their current vessel to a larger yacht.

Friday morning’s industry breakfast included a 25-minute keynote address from Richards, who gave attendees a video preview of the Palm Beach factory and yacht-building process, while also reflecting on how far the yachting industry, and SCIBS, has come in the past decade. The speech concluded with a Q&A from the audience that covered both Australian and overseas manufacturing, direction for both the company and Mark personally, the infamous start of the most recent Sydney to Hobart race, and whether Richards himself will be racing again this December.