A recent study and press release from Palm Beach Motor Yachts’ well-known marine engine partner Volvo Penta has concluded that the stunning Palm Beach 55 “will be one of the fastest yachts in the world to use Volvo Penta IPS.”

Palm Beach Motor Yachts recently produced a PB55 that reached an incredible top speed of 42 knots, and is currently building another that is estimated to hit a blistering 45 knots in the top end.

“One of the fastest yachts in the world to use Volvo Penta IPS” – Volvo Penta

Palm Beach has a strong history and relationship with the Volvo Penta team. Incorporating the power and reliability of Volvo Penta engines with the efficiency of our construction, engineering and hull design achieves a beautiful synergy that simply dominates the open sea in terms of performance and fuel consumption. Customers can choose to include multiple EJS joystick controls in their motor yacht, which integrates with all the onboard propulsion systems to provide intuitive maneuverability and precision handling control. The combination of these systems means owners have aggressive power on command when they need it, incredible top speeds and high-speed cruising, unrivaled efficiency from any similar sized yacht, and the ability to single-handedly dock like a pro when coming into port.

Palm Beach Motor Yachts offers multiple options for many of our models from power plant to drive chain to navigation equipment, and the ability to choose your ideal layout and fabrics throughout the vessel. Our latest redesigned PB65’s that feature full walk-around decks and new cutting-edge construction methods have also shown superb performance improvements:

The PB65 will reach up to 39 knots. The fuel efficiency is also exceptional. The combination of an efficient engine, the hull shape and the low weight of the vessel all bring the total cost of ownership down.

Read the full release here.